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Registration for Diner en Blanc – Las Vegas 2016 opened last week! As more and more people sign up for what promises to be a fabulous event, we want to make sure everyone knows the ropes. If you want to register, or if you’re having trouble registering for the event, the following information might be helpful to you!

There are two ways to "Register" to the event.  You will register for either the waiting list or the actual event (to purchase tickets).

When entering the Registration screen you will see two options:

Option #1 is to register for the waiting list.  
Option #2 is to register to purchase tickets after you have received your official invite code.
  • Invite codes are sent out in 3 phases.  If you have not received yours yet, you may be in Phase 2 or Phase 3. Invitations for these phases will be released soon. 
 **** When you receive an invitation, you want to click on the invite code that is in your email.  This will automatically take you to the registration screen.  You will want to by-pass Option 1, and scroll down to Option 2. 
If you try and register again under Option 1, you will receive the error message.  You have already registered to the waiting list. If you are seeing this and you have your invite code, please scroll to OPTION 2.

Under Option #2.  You will see that your code is generated and then you want to click "I am a man or I am a Woman" photo. Select one and then click the Registration button under the photo.
  • SIDE NOTE: If you receive this error message:  Your registration has already been confirmed. Please sign in to proceed. -  use the log in and password you have already created and log in on the upper right hand screen.  You should not be receiving this unless your email was previously used for a log in.  If neither of these apply, then please contact us and we will use a different email to send you a new invite in which you can register.  
Otherwise, you will proceed to the next screen to put in information for you and your guest and  create a password.  Your log in name will remain your email.  

Click: the Next Step tab.

           SIDE NOTE:
  • On this page, you also have an option to Sponsor a friend that will then receive an invite to register.  You can go through this process first before selecting Next Step.  You do not have to do this step.
One you have clicked “Next Step” you will be directed to the next page that allows you to select a departure location, purchase tickets, and visit the E-Store.  You can always log back in to purchase from the E-Store or change the name of your guest.  You must however, purchase event tickets now and choose a departure location to complete registration to the event.  

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re excited to welcome you to the Diner en Blanc Family!


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