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Important News: Le Dîner en Blanc – Las Vegas 2017 Postponed

Dear Friends,

Following last Sunday’s tragic events, we felt the need to ask your opinion on whether or not to hold Le Dîner en Blanc on Sunday, October 8th.

For full transparency, here are the results of the survey: 


As you can attest, a large majority of you wished for the event to be postponed, therefore, with great respect to your opinion, we have decided to postpone the event to April 2018.

While it is the wish of the majority, we understand that some of you will be disappointed by this decision. Due to these exceptional circumstances, we must act in the interest of the majority.  Despite the many months, weeks, and hours that each of us spent in preparing for your Dîner en Blanc, we will save it all for a better time when the spirit of festivity is found again.

The color white, in many cultures symbolizes purity, unity, and peace. It is these values that all of us proudly stand for. White is widely known to represent new beginnings, and we want to thank you in advance for your understanding and hope to have you join us in spring.

Following this announcement, please see below for the 2 options as to how this will be managed:

1) In the coming weeks, the new date for Le Dîner en Blanc – Las Vegas will be confirmed and communicated to you for April 2018.
  • Prior to November 5th, we will send an email to announce this new date.
  • As of that time, you will have one (1) week to let us know if you would like to keep your registration or be refunded

2) Those who no longer wish to attend Le Dîner en Blanc – Las Vegas, and want to cancel their participation will be able to do so by sending us an email by indicating in the subject: ‘Refund Requested’.  Please include your PayPal transaction number(s) for your membership, participation fees, and catering order if applicable, along with the email address with which you registered.
  • Please note that refunds may take 10 to 15 days before appearing in your account.
  • If you are not yet decided on your future participation, we invite you to wait for the next email to make your decision.

As you can imagine, we are currently receiving hundreds of messages. All emails will be answered and we will be in contact with all of you very soon.

On behalf of the entire Le Dîner en Blanc - Las Vegas team, we would like to once again thank you for your understanding and patience.

Your hosts,

 Melanie, Richelle, Elizabeth, and Kristin

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Naomi C.
1 year ago
I plan to attend in April. If I ask for the refund now will I be able to pay and attend In April?
Carolyn D.
Absent Member
1 year ago
Dearest DEB,
I am sorry of the circumstances surrounding the postponement of the event.
I was unable to attend the October event but wish to be considered for the April 2018 event. Please email me should space open up. Las Vegas strong. xo
Jeneeah G.
1 year ago
I plan to attend in April. I wo I’d like a refund however for the items I purchased through the online store. Can w facilitate this now?
Melanie V.
Yes, please email us using the procedure listed above.
Courtney Y.
1 year ago
I appreciate your consideration during this difficult time in our city. Can whether or not we want a refund after you announce the new date? That would determine it for me. Just to be sure we can make the new date.
Melanie V.
After the new date is announced, guests will have another week to request refunds. Anyone who has requested a refund prior to this is welcome to restart the process in April if they see fit.
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