Departure Points

Posted by Melanie Hakaim Victoria on March 23, 2016 | 0 comment

HOW am I getting to Diner en Blanc Las Vegas if I do not know the location? ...Departure Points! The event location is a secret up until the moment you get there, our attendees meet at Departure Points around the city, hop on a luxury bus with all of your supplies and then are driven to the location. Once the event is over, you get back on the same bus you came on and are taken back to your car.    During registration, you will choose your Departure Point, and once it is chosen, it cannot be changed. We want you to know the locations ahead of time so you are prepared to choose during registration, as you only have 15 minutes to complete your registration once you begin. &n...

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How to register

Posted by Melanie Hakaim Victoria on March 19, 2016 | 0 comment

Registration for Diner en Blanc – Las Vegas 2016 opened last week! As more and more people sign up for what promises to be a fabulous event, we want to make sure everyone knows the ropes. If you want to register, or if you’re having trouble registering for the event, the following information might be helpful to you! There are two ways to "Register" to the event.  You will register for either the waiting list or the actual event (to purchase tickets). When entering the Registration screen you will see two options: Option #1 is to register for the waiting list.   Option #2 is to register to purchase tickets after you have received your ...

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This Year Only - Table and Chairs Provided!!!

Posted by Melanie Hakaim Victoria on March 14, 2016 | 0 comment

One of the baggiest components to Le Diner en Blanc is to bring along a table and chairs.  In lieu of the first year for Diner en Blanc Las Vegas, we have found a sponsor to provide every guest with a table and chairs!!! This is for year one ONLY.  We are extremely lucky to have found this opportunity to provide for each pair of guests.  Please see below on information on how to pick up your table: How to pick up your table and chair: Tables and chairs will be placed on each bus at the departure location per pair of ticket holders Guests can redeem these tables and chairs when they exit the bus at the secret event location We still ask you to carry your ta...

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Why Purchase on the E-Store?

Posted by Melanie Hakaim Victoria on March 14, 2016 | 0 comment

What is provided on the E-store: Picnic Baskets - Five delicious food selections available.  All baskets are made for two. Wine Champagne Perrier (stay hydrated, it is the desert!) Why Purchase Items on the E-store: BYOB alcohol is strictly prohibited and will be checked upon entering the event site.  This is due to NV alcohol permitting. There are no cash sales available on site, all purchases must be made in advance before the e-store closing on April 10th. Baskets are perfect for those traveling from out of town or simply not able to prepare a basket of food.  We worked with a fantastic caterer to carefully deve...

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